ARTH — Task 14 👨🏻‍💻


1. controller node
3. RedHat
  • open with root
cmd: sudo su - root
  • Move the key (.pem) to the controller node using WinSCP and then to the root.
cmd: sudo mv <key_name>.pem /root
  • Create inventory file.
cmd: vim ip.txt
  • Install ansible.
cmd: sudo amazon-linux-extras install ansible2
  • Write an ansible configuration file.
cmd: vim ansible.cfg
cmd: ansible all --list-hosts
cmd: ansible all -m ping
cmd: vim RedHat.yml
cmd: vim Ubuntu.yml
cmd: vim pb_task14.3.yml
cmd: vim index.html
cmd: ansible-playbook pb_task14.yml





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Saranya. S

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