ARTH — Task 14 👨🏻‍💻

  1. Install “ansible” in the controller node.
CMD: yum install ansible
* To start your docker service
cmd: systemctl start docker
*To see status of your docker service
cmd: systemctl status docker
cmd: docker run -it  --name  <Container_Name>  <docker_image_name>:<version>
* To see images in docker
cmd: docker images
* To see at present running images
cmd: docker ps -a
* To install SSH server
cmd: yum install openssh-server -y
* To install SSH client
cmd: yum install openssh-clients -y
* To install passwd
cmd: yum install passwd -y
  • Set the password for root
cmd: passwd root
cmd: docker commit <image_id> <image_name>:<version>
cmd: pip3 install
  1. Run playbook task14.2.yml:





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